Ecommerce – Full Service – Brand

Ecommerce Design:

I build beautifully branded eCommerce websites that are designed to attract and convert visitors. With over ten years of designing product-based brands, I understand the complexities of eCommerce sites: content management systems, shipping software, and delivery options to product variables, lead times, and analytics.  I build solutions that handle these challenges and create a great user experience so that your site visitors trust the company they are doing business with.

E-Commerce Deliverables:

  • 5 Web Pages
  • 5 Product Pages
  • 5 Product Collections
  • Shopify eCommerce Platform for easy product management and selling¬†¬†
  • Secure HTTPS Protocol (SSL for site security and improved SEO)
  • Responsive & Mobile Web Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • 1 Customizable Contact Form
  • Fast Page Loading
  • Streamlined Web Design & Project Management Process