Copywriting & Brand Messaging

The Wall Street Journal Package

Note: Pricing is per page.

Copywriting is the number one stuck point our clients have when it comes to generating content for their websites.  We’ll speed up the website design/build process and take the pressure off of you by creating your on-page copy using the voice & tone that we developed in your brand strategy.  We’ll ensure that your web copy is scannable, user-friendly, and actionable.  Our writing will match your site images/design—and we’ll optimize your text for SEO.

Service Includes

✓ Copywriting for 1  Web Page
✓ Up to 4 paragraphs (1000 words) per page
✓ Images & Copy that work together
✓ Calls-to-action and micro-copy
✓ On-brand messaging
✓ SEO-optimized text