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Make a secure payment online.

Step 1


Fill out an easy online questionnaire.
Tell me what you’re looking for and
what makes your business tick.

Step 2

Design Options

I'll send you 3 logo options and 3
web designs to choose from. Pick
the ones you love the most!

Step 3


You’ll get 1 round of revisions. Let me
know what you’d like to change and
I’ll polish it to perfection.

Step 4


We'll launch your website and you'll
receive your final logo files both
web and print ready.

Step 5

Logo FAQ

Do I own the copyright on the logo you create for me?
100% Yes!
What files are included?
– EPS (vector-based & open-able in Adobe Illustrator) – PDF (general all-purpose printing) – PNG (with a translucent/clear background) – JPG (with a colored background) Files are provided in both web and print formats. (Including t-shirts, embroidery, and large-surface printing).
Is the fee the same for revising my existing logo? My logo is already designed. I just need professional touches.
It takes the same amount of time to re-design an existing logo as it does to create a new logo. So the fee is the same.
I have an idea in mind already for my logo. Can you create something based off of my sketch/idea?
For sure. You’ll be able to upload sketches and other logo inspirations via your online questionnaire.
I’m just looking for a “simple” word-mark logo. Does this change the price?
No. The price is the same regardless of the style of logo.
Are your designs hand-drawn or do you use logo templates?
All my designs are made from scratch. No templates are used.
I’m working with a designer who’s not getting my vision. Will you take my feedback when designing my logo?
Absolutely! The secret to my success is asking the right questions and bringing my client’s vision to life. I believe logo design is a collaboration between the designer and client. At the end of the day, I want you to feel proud of your logo design.
Do I make payment before I fill out my questionnaire?
Yes. Once you submit payment you’ll be able to access your questionnaire right away!

Website FAQ

What platform will you be building the website on?
Product Based Business: If you sell a product I’ll use Shopify or Woocommerce. Service Based Business: If you provide a service or information (ie. blogger), I’ll build on WordPress.
How is hosting handled?
I’ll refer you to a few great hosting companies after we launch your site.
Are there any other monthly fees associated with the website design?
How do I make changes to my site in the future?
Your website will be easily editable on your own and you can make changes by logging into your site.
How is website copy (text) handled?
My questionnaire helps guide you through creating your own website copy. Most clients find that the questionnaire is great at getting their creative juices flowing and coming up with successful copy. If you prefer to outsource it, I can refer you to companies that do copywriting.
How is image selection handled?
Most clients select their photography via free stock or paid stock websites. Your questionnaire will help guide you on how to find stock photography for your site. I can also source photography for you for a small fee.
Do you do app design as well?
I focus on logo and website design. I don’t provide app design services.

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