Logo File Instructions

Use files in “Print” folder for print-use. Use files in “Web” folder for web-use or digital purposes. Don’t use print for web or vice-versa.


  • PDF: General-purpose vector file to share with printers (no background)
  • EPS: Editable vector-based file and for printers who require the file to be editable in vector format. The file is openable in Adobe Illustrator, so unless you have that program on your computer the file will not be openable/supported. (no background)


  • JPG: Digital pixel-based (bitmap) image file with colored background (doesn’t support transparency)
  • PNG: Digital pixel-based (bitmap) image file a with transparent background (you can layer your logo on top of a photo and see through to the background)


  • RGB: Digital color space for devices and screens (red, green, blue)
  • CMYK: Color space used for printing (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)


If you are seeing a file with “._” in front, you may disregard those.

Details on this phenomenon here:
._ files are created automatically by Mac OS X and contain metadata related to the accompanying file that was placed there by programs in the Mac. Since the designer created the files on a Mac, that’s why you’re seeing them.

Files starting with periods in Mac and Linux are made hidden automatically, but Windows doesn’t handle period-prefixed files this way. You may change the settings on your computer to stop files like this from showing up.