How It Works | 5 steps to an amazing logo

Here’s how

it works...




Fill out an easy online questionnaire.
Tell me what you’re looking for and
what makes your business tick.

Step 1

Design Meeting

We’ll have an Initial Design Meeting to review color palette + typography options for your logo.
Step 2

Design Options

I’ll send you 3 logo design options
based on our meeting. Pick the
one you love the most.

Step 3


We'll refine your logo. Tell me
what changes you'd like via
video conference calls.

Step 4

Final Files

You'll receive a downloadable bundle via
email with your final logo files
both web and print ready.

Step 5


Do I own the copyright on the logo you create for me?
100% Yes!
What files are included?
– EPS (vector-based & open-able in Adobe Illustrator) – PDF (general all-purpose printing) – PNG (with a translucent/clear background) – JPG (with a colored background) Files are provided in both web and print formats. (Including t-shirts, embroidery, and large-surface printing).
Is the fee the same for revising my existing logo? My logo is already designed. I just need professional touches.
It takes the same amount of time to re-design an existing logo as it does to create a new logo. So the fee is the same.
I have an idea in mind already for my logo. Can you create something based off of my sketch/idea?
For sure. You’ll be able to upload sketches and other logo inspirations via your online questionnaire.
I’m just looking for a “simple” word-mark logo. Does this change the price?
No. The price is the same regardless of the style of logo.
Are your designs hand-drawn or do you use logo templates?
All my designs are made from scratch. No templates are used.
Do I make payment before I fill out my questionnaire?
Yes. Once you submit payment you’ll be able to access your questionnaire right away!