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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy includes discovering what makes your company unique and how to position your growing business for success in a crowded marketplace. Through a discovery process, I'll help you clarify your company's mission, core values and brand voice. We'll also gain insight into the needs and goals of your audience to gain a competitive advantage.
The work we do together will be an invaluable asset to guide and focus your company's future marketing campaigns.

Company Naming

If needed, I can provide assistance with coming up with an appropriate and unique name for your company or product. This involves thorough research on your industry, consumer perception, as well your business's unique attributes to produce a list of names that are appealing and tailored to your audience.

Logo Identity Design

The logo identity design service starts with careful consideration of your company persona, target audience, local market and competitors to shape a creative direction for your brand identity. This pre-work sets the tone for your identifying mark.
From there, I'll craft Logo Design Concepts guided by the above data. We'll then refine the logo until we have a polished design that you and your organization feel proud of.
Upon project finish, I'll email you a downloadable bundle including your logo files in all the formats you'll need it. From websites to print collateral, you'll be covered.

Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines will have clear instructions on how to use your logo in varied applications and formats. It includes your logo usage guidelines, brand color palettes, color codes and typography for your company's future marketing collateral.
I recommend this to my clients who want to keep thier brand consistent in their future marketing/design projects.

Stationary Set Design

This service involves creating the additional stationary assets for your brand. I'll design a custom business card and letterhead/envelope and can provide recommendations on printers based on your specific requirements and print budget. I'll provide a print-ready PDF file that you can upload/email to your selected printer.

Packaging Design

Packaging design includes product packages, box packages or bottle designs. I can assist with coming up with a creative way to present your product, while also helping keep your print costs minimal with a simple, practical design.

Print Design

This service includes the design of your print marketing collateral. This may include brochures, menus, vehicle wraps, billboards and company signage.

Web Design Services

Website Services...

Website Design

All web design services start off with strategy to understand the needs and behaviors of your users. We'll rely on analytics data, market search trends and competitor research to gain insight.
This data drives the design decisions to follow to ensure that your company's website is both relevant and in alignment with your audience. Deliverables include art-ready Photoshop files you can easily hand off to your web developer.

Website Development

Website Development includes taking your website design and turning that into a working website.
As both a designer and developer, I bring attention to detail to my projects to ensure a seamless design to development experience.
Your website build involves first defining all the features you'll need. I'll them implement a website that you'll easily be able to maintain and update in the back-end, without coding knowledge.
I also ensure your website is optimized for speed to ensure a fast loading experience. I don't use cookie-cutter templates with bloated features that can hinder your website speed performance. My website builds are made from scratch and built for performance.
Deliverables include your very own custom themed website built on a Content Management System (WordPress). As well as a training session with you/staff on how to update the content of your website in the back-end.

Content Strategy

Content strategy can be added to your website design service to ensure your website's visuals and messaging all fit cohesively to tell your brand's story and relate to your audience.
You'll work closely with my business partner and content-strategist who will collaborate with you to develop on-brand messaging that speaks to your ideal client. Deliverables include copy for your website project as well as the creation of your calls-to-action.

UI/UX Design

Whether you're developing an online store or a new web application, I help clients understand their audience first to develop successful UI/UX designs. After thorough research into your audience, I'll collaborate with you to design digital interfaces that're intuitive, user-friendly and attractive to your users.


This service includes the design and development of your digital storefront. We'll start with research to address the needs of your users and gain insight into your competitive landscape. The above will shape creative direction for your project. From the first landing experience to product checkout, we'll work together to create a seamline online shopping experience for your customers.


SEO includes optimizing your website to bring in more traffic and convert website visitors into customers. Deliverables include optimizing your website copy for search, keyword strategy and schema optimization. As well as setting up google analytics on your website to track conversion metrics.

Photography Styling

Photography styling includes editing your photographs so they are picture-perfect for your website. I can assist you with finding the best photographer for your upcoming photo-shoot and how to prepare so you have the best results possible.
After the photo-shoot, I can assist with photo color-correcting, photo touch-ups and making sure your photography is both polished and in-line with your visual brand.

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